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Young winegrowers dreaming big!

BOSCODIVINO is the dream of 4 friends: Denis, Alfredo, Alberto and Attilio. They manage a medium size Company in the field of electrical installations and renewable sources and share a profound commitment to sustainability. This commitment and the passion for wine led the four friends to consider the idea of producing their own sparkling wine; so in November 2013 they decided to acquire their first parcel in Breganze - a small wine area on the hills of Vicenza -  and to found BOSCODIVINO.

Denis, Alfredo, Alberto and Attilio started their career as winegrowers for passion; they are now experiencing and improving  with hard work and dedication. They don’t have a bold experience yet but they are certainly committed to build themselves a strong and sustainable future.


Organic and low-impact winery BOSCODIVINO:

Where the love for wine is second only to friendship



The enthusiasm

Denis is the enthusiastic soul of the project. Denis’ work is driven by passion and willpower, no hurdle for him is impossible. He is a funny, addictive and tenacious guy. He loves good wine, good food and good company. He was the first to promote BOSCODIVINO, to involve his friends in this project with a little of unconsciousness but much enthusiasm.


The concreteness

Alfredo plays the role of concreteness in the project.. He is a good listener and advisor and loves to turn dreams into reality. Sometimes he has the uncomfortable role of Jiminy Cricket. It is thank to his healthy cynicism and reflective mind that the project of BOSCODIVINO has become reality.


The spontaneity

Alberto is the creative and instinctive soul of the project; his work is driven by an incessant desire to grow. He is instinctive but sensible and he has an unconditional trust in the whole world.


A force of nature

Attilio strongly supports the sustainable aspects of the projects, thank to his profound respect for the environment, nature and all life forms.  He is positive and determined; like a tree rooted to the ground, he acts as a  support in moments of doubt and fear, but constantly needs new challenges to grow.