Our vision

BOSCODIVINO is a sustainable winery in the hill country of Vicenza, Veneto - Italy.

We cultivate 3 hectares of vineyards in the valley floor of Breganze and on the hills of San Giorgio di Perlena. We produce organic, vegan wines with native and international grape varieties; our aim is to offer wines that reflect their place of birth and our commitment to a green viticolture.

Cultivated grape varieties: Vespaiola, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. 


In our vineyards:

- we DON’T use any systemic pesticide nor insecticide

- we DON’T use any herbicide

- we DON’T use any animal manure

Only excellence.

We practice, instead:

pruning, disbudding, topping and leaf stripping; each practice is done manually.

And we use the green manure as natural fertilizer. 

Curiosity: the sentinel of the vineyards

sentinella delle vitiHave you ever wondered what are the roses that you see at the beginning of each row?

Roses are beautiful flowers, there are 150 species, and a variety of hybrids, depending on the color they are given a different meaning. From their petals are extracted essential oils prized, used in cosmetics, perfumes, confectionery and liqueur. But in the field, they had an even more curious use. They are in fact the indicator plants, practically manifested before the symptoms of possible diseases and is attacked by pests more easily than before to suffer the effects of mineral deficiencies.

Today, with the changing of agricultural and vine growing techniques, planting roses in the vineyards is only the advance of an ancient tradition, that the tenants "nostalgic" and particularly attentive to the biological cycles, continue to pass it from one row and from generation to generation, by coloring their campaigns.

Remember then, the next time that you will be giving a rose to your loved one, to tell how much it is beautiful, but also precious.


From caterpillar to butterfly.

Making the wine OUR wine. The processes in the cellar.

How we produce  BIANCODIVINO Breganze DOC Vespaiolo:

With the soft crushing of perfectly ripe bunches we get about 65 litres of must per 100 kg of grape. The alcoholic fermentation is done with selected yeasts at controlled temperature. Our white wine is filtered before the bottling to preserve all its aromas and flavors.


How we produce ROSSODIVINO Veneto IGT Rosso:

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are vinified separetely. The bunches are destemmed and than crushed. The alcoholic fermentation is done with indigenous  yeasts at controlled temperature. During the fermentation we pump over the must and manually punch down the skins cap many times a day in order to encourage efficient extraction of colour and flavour components. The blending is done before the aging phase starts. The wine ages in fine grain, medium toasted French oak barriques for about one year.


How we produce  B3 Vino Spumante di Qualità:

Vespaiola, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are vinified separately. With the soft crushing of the whole bunches we get about 50 litres of must per 100 kg of grapes. The production follows the steps of the champenoise method and remuage is done manually. Our B3 ages at least 24 month on the lees.

How we produce  RIFERMENTO  PetNat:

Early harvest; soft crushing of the hole bunches. For this wine we use the second pressing of the Pinot Noir, i.e. the most colorful and aromatic must. Decantation, fermentation and natural fining follow the crushing; for the second fermentation we use come must from dried Vespaiola. The wine is not filtered.