logo bolledivinoDESIGNATION: Vino Spumante di Qualità

YEAR: 2015

GRAPES: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Vespaiola

TYPE: Sparkling wine, champenoise method

RESIDUAL SUGAR: Pas dosé - 0,05 mg/Lt

ALCOHOL: 12,5%

FARMING: organic agriculture not yet certified

SOIL: volcanic rocks and basalts

HARVEST: hand picking

WINE MAKING PROCESS: the three varieties are vinified separately. With the soft crushing of the whole bunches we get about 50 litres of must per 100 kg of grapes. The production follows the steps of the champenoise method.

AGING: at least 24 months on the lees

BOTTLES/YEAR: about 3,000


THE WINE - Color: straw yellow. Bubbles: elegant, creamy and persistent. Bouquet: yeast, bread crust and the typical fruity notes of apple and pear of the Chardonnay and Vespaiola grapes.  Taste and aftertaste: our wine is dry but velvety; the typical notes of a Champagne style sparkling wine are made even more interesting by the mineral notes deriving from our volcanic soils. The aftertaste is fresh and persistent and invite you to a second sip.


BOSCODIVINO - PURE NATURE: we don’t use any systemic pesticides, herbicides nor animal manure; no product of animal origin (e.g. clarifiers, stabilizers) is used in  the production of all our wines.

We’ve decided to be a low environmental impact winery; for this reason we opted for an eco-friendly packaging and we’ve thus selected:

  • bottles from recycled glass and of medium weight for lower CO2 emissions in the transport;
  • 100% recyclable corks;
  • recyclable shrink wraps, produced using biodegradable raw materials and green energy;
  • labels from recycled paper;
  • boxes from 50% mill broke and 50% recycled paper.